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Happiness Ladder

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

In my limited perception of the world, I find it interesting. The workers are always looking up at their boss thinking, man, he’s made it. The boss is looking at his boss, and concluding the same thing. For the most part, unless you’re at the very top of the chain, you’re still looking up. Even at the top, you might be looking towards the past for inspiration, comparing yourself to historic figures.

It might sound obvious, but if you were to compare yourself to the people less fortunate than you, you are much better off, but if you compare yourself to a person ahead of you, you feel far behind.

I just think it’s important to realize that as long as your basic needs are covered, everything else is just a plus. It’s important to be content with what you have, but desire upward mobility simply for the sake as a challenge to yourself. It’s not a goal you must met, but a goal you can entertain yourself with. Much like playing a game, that you may or may not win. Sometimes, it’s not winning that’s important, it’s the experience of the game.