Enable Infinite Homepage Scrolling on Note 4 (rooted Android 6.0)

So! My loyalty to the Note 4 at this point is borderline fanatical. Samsung has YET to make a better phone, in fact, neither has Apple. I’ve recently bought a Verizon Note 4 to replace my T-mobile Note 4, since Verizon allows me to use both T-mobile and Verizon, but the T-mobile version wouldn’t work […]

Useful command to test speed of a container, vm, or system

I’ll be breaking down the following command part by part: time dd if=/dev/zero of=test.dat bs=1024 count=100000   What does time do? It runs a process and then captures how long it took to execute. What about DD? Well, it’s a command that copies data from a standard input to a standard output. What about the […]