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Things I can’t seem to do without

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

1.  FTP access

2. Linux/Unix/BSD command line access

3. SSH/Telnet/Remote access

4. Samba file access

5. Apache

6. PHP

7. At least 2 monitors

8. MySQL Query Browser (that can access database)

9. Database

Listed above is a list of what I believe to be essentials for any decent programming environment.

After I reconfigured my home environment to pretty much contain everything listed above, coding has become a lot easier.

Ipod Touch

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Shortly after I got my iPod Touch I started doing a little research on it. With a few easy steps and a couple of minutes invested, you can convert a 300 hundred dollar music player to a pretty awesome PDA. An iPod Touch empowered with tons of 3rd party applications developed through the slave labor from hordes of developers, easily makes the iPod Touch THE THING to have!

Thanks to the ipod touch, I check stocks, email, and weather, all with a touch of a button. I even use it to check and set my schedules. Thanks to the 3rd party developers, I can host a website right off my iPod touch! It does freeBSD, it does apache, it does PHP, it does FTP, SAMBA, and SSH! It’s like a miniture server!

Yep, jailbroken iPod Touches are pretty awesome.