Enable Infinite Homepage Scrolling on Note 4 (rooted Android 6.0)

So! My loyalty to the Note 4 at this point is borderline fanatical. Samsung has YET to make a better phone, in fact, neither has Apple. I’ve recently bought a Verizon Note 4 to replace my T-mobile Note 4, since Verizon allows me to use both T-mobile and Verizon, but the T-mobile version wouldn’t work […]

Useful command to test speed of a container, vm, or system

I’ll be breaking down the following command part by part: time dd if=/dev/zero of=test.dat bs=1024 count=100000   What does time do? It runs a process and then captures how long it took to execute. What about DD? Well, it’s a command that copies data from a standard input to a standard output. What about the […]

Amazon S3 Outage

Today’s post is regarding https://techcrunch.com/2017/02/28/amazon-aws-s3-outage-is-breaking-things-for-a-lot-of-websites-and-apps/ These type of occurrences are becoming more and more common. Tons of company has placed a ton of faith into the Amazon ecosystem, and time and time again, it looks like Amazon has let them down. When these things broke, it broke at a MASSIVE scale (AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, […]

How I cleaned more than 8,000 thousand emails from my mail box

Long long time ago, briefly after the birth of gmail, I created an email account, and mail was good. Fast forward to now, holy spams. Years and more than a decade of neglect, I’ve managed to amass more than 11,000 emails, and this is post spam filter. I guess over the years, I must’ve signed […]