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Unwritten Rules of Professional Web Applications

Monday, June 15th, 2009

While there are many unwritten rules, here are few which I find most significant. To me, these are qualities of any professional web application.

  • There should be no single point of failure
  • The site should never be sluggish
  • The site should never show any errors
  • If the site is not available there needs to be a maintenance message
  • It needs to employ recent and update to date technologies
  • It should be easily maintainable
  • It should be easily expanded
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • It should be well documented
  • It should be have an underlying coding convention
  • It should be user-friendly
  • Website layout and design needs to be consistent
  • I expect nothing less from any modern day professional web application and applications I develop. The applications I develop might not always fulfill these requirements, but it’s definitely something I strive for each time a line of code pours from these hands of mine.