Now on a new server and a new service!

So! My old server crapped out on me on the 3rd, I was about to fix it when I figured, I might as well find a new service and a new server to port everything to. I don’t know about you, but when I plan something, I built the grand vision, and then, I trim down to my MVP.

I’ve successfully ported the files over, while hoping I’ve forgotten nothing, but still feeling like perhaps I’ve lost a thing or two. Here were my considerations.

I’ve mulled ported my site over the AWS, but since I require about 50 GBs of storage, the storage of the files in S3 alone would’ve been about 10 bucks. Then I’d have to spin up an EC2 instance, then maybe I’d consider a EBS and then mount it into my EC2. Or consider a dockerized solution… Then I was thinking I sometimes have a tendency to adopt a solution that’s just way overkill for what I need.

Yes, you can argue for the glacier, slow / cold storages, and how they’re pretty cheap, but storing things into it, and getting things out, isn’t as simple as an rsync, and to rummage my life time of random code and assets, it just didn’t feel like the proper persistence solution.

Then I thought about Digital Ocean, frankly, their platform isn’t bad. They do have a service that allows you to spin things up with Docker images, but, with Docker comes some Docker pains, not quite the solution I need for my personal sandbox. Plus, it was going to be like 10 bucks a month, I’m not made out of money here! Just kidding, but I don’t know about you, I’m a bit of an optimizer, maybe it’s my programmer DNA, maybe it’s all those hours grinding those algo training sites, maybe it’s… (you know the slogan).

At the end of the day, my move to the current host was a cost based decision. AWS pricing models require an estimator to figure out why you had to pay as much money as you did. Frankly, at the moment, give the complexity, traffic, and purpose this portal receives, it just doesn’t make much sense.

SO! After some searching, I’ve landed on IONOS, frankly, I’m paying just as much as I did with BudgetVM, arguably cheaper, since I get a 3 dollar discount the first month. It provides me with about 80 GBs of space, and sufficient memory and processing power for what this portal needs. My site is 99.99% static, and sitting behind a cloudflare full page cache. My 5 dollar a month box is more than enough even if I got a billion hits a day (thanks Cloudflare).

The VPS is crazy barebones, and frankly, there are a lot of insecure things about their barebone step. They put it on you to lock the box down, and I am okay with that! Frankly, there are a ton of stuff that needs work behind the scenes and will take me a good amount of time bring this box up to speed, but, these broken things are for me to know, and others to never discover 😉

Anyways, this is home for now, I think this company is worth checking out. Here’s a referral link, I might get like 5 cents of this, but it’s still 5 cents, right? Micro optimizations!

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