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Re-purposing of the Internet

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Once upon a time, there were web pages where people went to find out things about a company. Thanks to web portals that aggregate this information, such as yelp. These web pages’ purpose is no longer the same.

You used to go to a restaurants webpage to get information on when the restaurant open, directions on how to get there, form an option of the restaurant and menu, but that was then. Now and days, we just use to check out the hours, review, and address. Then we use another aggregation site such as Google maps for directions.

The remaining question is “What do we now use a restaurant’s homepage for?”. For now, until we get an aggregate website for restaurant nutritional information, it’ll probably serve that purpose. In addition to presenting a single location to land on for discounts, company information, history, and etc. Until those subjects get aggregated too. Once everything is aggregated, the web site will more or less become a portal that directs the user to the information they’re seeking to an off-site location.