A Stitch in Time

There is an old saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” What it means is that if there is an issue, if you address it early, it’ll take overall less effort than addressing it down the road. This is saying applies not only to stitch, but to programming as well. Employers should be wary of creating an environment where employees are concerned about asking questions. A hostile work environment might cause the worker to avoid any questions that can clarify the task at hand. That can ultimately lead the entire project off course.

That being said, while it’s great to fully trust your employees to do the task you’ve assigned, communication is extremely essential in an organization. If you didn’t communicate your desires clearly, or if your employee didn’t fully understand what you’re saying, that can also lead the project off course. Which is why you should check in with your employee every now and then to see if he has any questions or to get an idea of where the project is at and where it’s going.

If you have the choice to either spend 5 minutes to fix it now or spend 3-4 months fixing it later. Spend the 5 minutes now.

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