I think the foundation is possibly the most important part of any type of script. In the script world, the foundation would possibly mean the heart of the system, the driving principle behind the component. I’m currently engaged in a project where we designed certain components around a core principle, and suddenly the core principle is de-emphasized. In my opinion this causes the foundation of the script to poor. Our current project is sitting in a crossroad where we can either further develop the system, or revisit the foundation and make sure it strong before we proceed.

I have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that our current system isn’t as strong as it could be due to the fact that I’ve redesigned certain components and these components better represent the core principle in which our system is based. Yet, my group member acknowledges this fact and then says that no change is necessary due to the fact that in his opinion it’s not significantly different. But the current system is not as true to the core principle as it possibly could be, if it was a percentage, I’d say it was 60%, where as after implementing the modifications I recommended, the performance would probably be boasted to 80-90%.

So I’m hesitant about moving forward and further developing the code which heavily relies on its foundation knowing that the foundation is flawed. I know that many times, we should code things to the XP principle of doing the simplist thing that works, but in no way am I running against that principle. In my eyes, the project simply isn’t “working” the way it’s supposed to. An analogy of the situation would be me trying to get an A in every pre-requisite class before taking the class I want, and my partner saying that Cs are acceptable and moving onto further topics. I feel that since this project will be very important to the important to the company that we get everything right, right from the start. This is what I believe. Even if we can code all the code in a strongly “modular” way and revisit them in the future. If anything is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. To me, this is simply sloppy.

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