Web site refresh 7 years later

JacksonLeung.com has been registered for 7 years now. My site looked exactly the same for the last 7 years. An astute follower might noticed that my site has gotten a face-lift of sorts.

I’ve added the linux console from xkcd to my main homepage simply because I think it’s cool. I really wanted my site to reflect me, which is simple, effective, and have cool interests. Too many bells and whistles get in the way of the core essence of what things are, and my site reflects that point of view.

I’m pretty proud of the xkcd console because it doesn’t do what it does for my homepage out of the box, there’s definitely some Jackson magic in there. It’s not perfect, but I probably won’t have to touch the code for another 7 years, so, it’s perfect enough. Although truth be told, I can see a thousand different ways it can already be improved.

I’ve also made my homepage and blog mobile friendly. Let’s face it, mobile’s here to stay, and if you haven’t adapted to it, then you’re behind.

It was really cool spicing up my site and reflecting on how times have changed. It’s a very symbolic change, I feel like the site merely changed on the surface, the things I really care about, the core of the site, the message, the person, it has all stayed the same. Some ancient elements from the past, like XHTML and CSS validators have remained. I realized that there’s a possibility I pioneered the one-page app concept as well. All these things remained intact after the site redesign.

It’s amazing how time flies.

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