CBOE will drive the prices of Bitcoins up as opposed to down here’s why

Bitcoin CBOE exchange plus or minus for bitcoin? I say plus; Just because you’re betting on the future price of the bitcoin move.
Lets examine a short. You’re betting the price will go down, this means that some large quantity of bitcoins have to be liquidated and slide down for less and less, in some sort of panic sale. Unless you hold a ton of bitcoins, you can’t really trigger this. If you DO hold a ton of bitcoins, do you really want your bitcoins be to be devalued for a gain in the market? Right now, they’re “millionaires”, but they can be “BILLIONAIRES”.
Much like my mistake for not selling at 20k/btc, I was blinded by possibly being a millionaire. I think we all have that blindfold, blinded by potential profits.
Now lets examine a futures long position. You’re betting the price will go up. How do you influence that? You buy up the bitcoins on the bitcoin exchanges. If you have a ton of cash, and you have enough capital in the exchanges primed and ready to go, you can drive it up just buy buying it up from the existing holders. I plan to sell all my coins at 107k, so if I do, the price of bitcoin goes up to 107k, the future long will be fulfilled the minute my price goes up, and you can sell it for a profit.
I do think, the exchanges will ultimately drive the bitcoin prices up because it’s easier to long than to short bitcoins at the moment. Good luck convincing the existing die-hards who held it at 1,000, 10,000, 20,000 that the bitcoin price won’t keep climbing up and they should sell…
This is my stance on it, it doesn’t mean I’m right or not open to debate on this, but the rules seem pretty rigged for bulls. Yes… The existing holders might convert bitcoin into cash, but probably to extract some mansion buying money, but not liquidate the entire net worth, that’s suicide.

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