Data Inside a Database

Data inside a database should always be post-processed and ready-to-use-as-is. If you can rely on the data provided by the database to be usable as is, then you’ll save yourself a lot of string processing work. Think about it this way, if you have a string, let say “orange” and it’s stored in the database, and you had another string called “apple”, along with other fruit based strings stored in the database. When you do a search for these fruits, you can specify a where condition and then the fruit the name. Even with for usage, you can use the fruit name as is. Whereas if these strings had all these weird characters in it, “orange\’s” and “@pples”, then the where statement will no longer be as effective. Not only that, during run-time, you’ll have to have code to handle these weird characters appropriately. So if you’re ever inserting data into the database save yourself some problems in the future by ensuring that the strings are properly processed.

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