The Growing Importance of the Web

Ever since Google, the web and the world itself will never be the same again. As long as search engines exists, and as long as they’re still important the web will remain important. If search engines grow in importance, the web itself will also grow in importance, and from growing reliance on search engines I would venture to say that the importance of the web is also growing.

The ways to advertise to consumers have grown. It grew from word of mouth to paper, then to radio, then to TV and movies, and finally the internet. I’m sure as the media evolves so will advertising methods.

Now and days, before we go anywhere, watch anything, or buy anything, chances are, we’ll Google it. Heck, before we hire a person, we might even try to Google up that person’s name to see what the web has to say about him/her. This is a sign that search engines are growing in importance which means that the content on the web is also growing in importance.

It’s the content of the web is what shows up in the search engine. The better your content, the better the effect it’ll have on the end-users who land on your site. There is a growing need for professional websites because consumers demand perfection in everything for a company; presentation, service, quality, cost, and etc. It’ll be unacceptable for a major multi-billion dollar company to have a cheap poorly constructed website. The web in a way has just as important as the storefronts and in some cases IS the storefront.

The importance of search engines is constantly growing. The importance of what we put on the web is growing on a daily basis, our standards for it is growing as well. As long as this trend continues, the web will continue to grow in importance.

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