Websites and APIs

Anyone who’s anyone has an API. What is an API? API is an acronym for Application Program Interface. It’s a way for developers to access information in a manner that is different from how most users perceive it. For example, most users see Google Maps as a map interface, but the API for Google maps might provide coordinates, path information, and other information that is normally deemed too detailed for normal use, but not too detailed for developers who want to develop applications which might supplement this information. Perhaps some developer somewhere might want to develop an application that lists all major points of interest across the shortest distance between two locations, he might be able to do that with the help of Google’s API.

I believe that after a web company reaches a certain scale, APIs is the next step. APIs generally allow bulk and instantaneous transactions to be done over an automated interface instead of a ton of manual clicking and etc. Imagine if you were able to purchase Amazon products via an API, it’s very possible for a person to buy out every single Xbox 360 in a blink of an eye if he chose to do so, even if it’s unlikely to occur.

The web is evolving, companies, and the programming industry is evolving with it.

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